Chef Eric Rappaport

I’m Chef Eric Rappaport and I have a passion for cooking. I have been in the kitchen for as long as I can remember and got my first official job in the food service as a dishwasher when I was 14. I have been in food service ever since, in various roles throughout the Lehigh Valley working at iconic at locations like Lehigh Country Club, Berkleigh Country Club and the original Shanty.

I transitioned to the institutional side when I was hired by Wood Dining Services. There, I began preparing meals for Lehigh University and Lafayette College students. I grew into the role of Divisional Chef where I was overseeing all dining and food preparation operations for over 20,000 students (accuracy) across 7 states. That was a great experience, but I was spending too much time behind a desk, and I missed being in a kitchen.

Over 10 years ago, my family joined Congregation Keneseth Israel in Allentown, and I found a second passion: serving my community (pun intended!). It has been my distinct pleasure to grow into the role of ‘in-house caterer’ for many of my friends’ milestone occasions: weddings, brit mihlahs, b’nai mitzvahs and the like. All these simchas – along with most Jewish holidays – involve friends and family coming together and eating.

I cook from the heart.

I know that authentic flavors begin with quality ingredients and my food preparation begins with sourcing prime local meats and fresh vegetables. It has been my lifelong goal to exceed my customer’s expectations every time I put on my chef’s apron. My team and I have passion, expertise and versatility and can customize dishes based upon diet preference or restriction: from vegan to vegetarian, pescatarian to picky – we prepare everything with heart and passion!

Since the pandemic, we are not able to come together as a community in the same way as before. And, I didn’t want people to have to struggle with having to prepare holiday – and everyday – meals. That’s why I have prepared menus that are family friendly. Everything is packaged for a touchless delivery or pickup, easy transport and simple to reheat and serve.

Please let me focus on your meals so that you can enjoy precious time together with your family.

From under the cap,

Chef Eric